Stunning Handcrafted Artworks For Your Wall

We are committed to creating authentic works of art that you can place on your wall. These masterpieces will surely give emphasis to your interior’s edges and textures.

Our hand-finished products differ in styles such as engraved, embossed, etched, and aromatic wood arts, all of which are individually and carefully carved in real wood, providing your wall with a natural look.

About the Artist: SAUD OMRAN

The company was founded in 1997. Our founder, Saud Omran, was inspired by one of his family members who had a great talent in expressing his art in wood carvings. According to him, it’s like writing poetry in wood. This idea led to the humble beginning of Maysan Etching.

With the appreciation of relatives and encouragement from friends, Saud started engraving in natural wood. He achieved this by studying each and every piece of wood and its grains, which he turned into a unique masterpiece.

Saud discovered that Aspen wood is the best material to use in his artworks because of its soft and smooth texture. Since then, he has handcrafted masterpieces and has never looked back. Saud has set a prominent place on a commercial platform in the US.

Today, Maysan Etching, a small business with a small team of craftsmen, is growing and is finding itself in high demand for its products of high quality and finish. As designers, we want to create a product that is unique, trendy, and long-lasting.

We are a team that enhances any empty wall, corner, or space as we give it a rich and unique look with our art. Maysan Etching was established out of the love for creating custom wall art pieces—artworks with natural grain texture, elegant lines, and the strength of wood.